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d o n ‘ t . s e t t l e . i n t o . a . l i f e . o f . s e c o n d . b e s t s — j u s t . b e c a u s e . G o d s . b e s t . i s . t a k i n g . a . l i t t l e . l o n g e r . t h a n . y o u . e x p e c t e d . i t . t o // God doesn’t give second best, to His children — who He passionately pursues, and calls first. but, in order to be called first, He needs to see you step up to the plate, ready in your uniform; His armour — prepared for any position He may choose you for. when He scans the field along the boundary line; He looks for you; and hopes to see you ready, waiting and willing to go.. and there you are, faithfully prepared.. and then, you watch as those around you are sent out to their positions, their bases, their ministries, their most gifted areas to play — and He sits you on the bench and tells you to ‘wait’. you soon realise you have yet to play on the field you long to play on. but, this does not for one moment mean that God chooses you last. God doesn’t look past you and consider you unworthy — as His best for you, often lies in His preparation, and your willingness to wait. His best for you is found in seeing you turn up for practice, turn up for training, turn up in your uniform ready to play, and humbly taking the bench when He calls someone else equipped and gifted to the base you were sure you’d be given. and herein lies your decision on whether you will push through to a life of second bests, or you will wait it out for that which He has promised. you can jump team, you can swap uniforms and you can dive head first into a new church, a new ministry or a new city — and serve there immediately. or you can remain faithful, committed and humble in your waiting. you can choose patience and blessing, over self righteousness and self-assurance. His best is not always quick or easily attainable. His best is not always seemingly glamorous, or plotted out and written down as we may have imagined it. His best is not “fill this spot” or “warm this seat”. but His best is “this spot was made perfectly for you.” His best is “I prepared this seat, for such a time as this for you!” He is personal and timely; so live for a seasonal position on His team.

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You can laugh at Christianity. You can mock and ridicule it. But it works. If you trust Christ, start watching your attitudes and actions—Jesus Christ is in the business of changing lives. Christianity is not something to be shoved down your throat or forced upon you. You have your life to live and I have mine. All I can do is tell you what I have learned and experienced. After that, what you do with Christ is your decision.




Marry a man who loves Jesus. Who loves God before he even knows that you exist. A man who falls to his knees, with tears in his eyes and hands held high, without a care to the world watching him. A man who knows that God is the best foundation in your relationship. A relationship that brings you each other closer to Him.

The man who loves Jesus will respect you. He’ll pursue you and treasure you. He won’t pressure you or control you, but gently walk beside you and lead you. He will appreciate you as the gift and beauty you are, and remind you of it every day. He will worship with you. He’ll pray for you and pray with you. He will lead you with strong hands, stand up when you can’t, but remind you that only God can satisfy.

I’m praying to find such a man. But first I have to be the kind of woman that my man is looking for. I should not only pray and wait for God to give me the best husband-to-be but I also need to let God work in me and transform me to be the best wife-to-be.

To my future husband, know that I’m always praying for you. Though we may still be nameless and faceless to each other, I believe that God has already engraved our love story which is His story in our hearts. And when His perfect time comes, we will see our story unfolds and becomes a beautiful testimony that indeed true love exists.♡♡♡


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